How wealth hormones changing your Lifestyle

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You know the basics of how wealth hormones work already but would like to know more about how to generate the peace and serenity hormone?
Explore the lands of the wealth hormones in depth in this 2 hours extensive zoom. 
Learn about simple and impactful lifestyle changes, foods that favor hormonal wealth, and processes to better understand how you can influence your bodily functions.

What you get

2 hours of pure wealth hormone knowledge 
2 hours online about Zoom
When: 2. July at 1pm CET

Frequently asked questions

How do I get access to the Wealth Hormon Webinar after purchase?

Immediately after your payment with the payment provider Digistore24, you will receive an email with the access data for the Zoom webinar. You will find these marked in red a little further down in the order confirmation.

Return Policy

If you don't like the Wealth Hormon Webinar, you can return it within 60 days via the payment provider Digistore

Your Host Micaela Kageaki

For many years I have been concerned with healthy nutrition and its hormonal impact on peace and prosperity within us. My aim has always been to find the perfect balance in order to live a life of peace and serenity and to pass this on to my family.
I grew up with green juices instead of sugar, experienced first-hand the health benefits of a healthy diet and lifestyle and was able to pass this on not only to my family but also to those around me, with the result of creating a harmonious environment far away from the usual everyday stress.

Micaela Kageaki


"Faszination Marketing"

Seit mehr als 20 Jahren beschäftige ich mich mit dem Thema Verkauf und Marketing und mir wird immer bewusster, wie dringend notwendig diese Fertigkeiten für einen hohen Umsatz sind. Besonders das Wissen, welches von erprobten Profis erworben wird, ist am effektivsten.